XPRIME-The Album

xprime2So, 2 years ago  Bob Segarini told me that Xprime were going to be something big. I should have listened. Segarini has been around, and he knows music. I got on the Xprime bandwagon late, but as they say, better late than never. The 1st full album release by this Niagara Region band, simply titled  The Album  and set for release on March 8, 2014, is an exemplary work of art.

xprime1The album is filled with wonderful pop melodies that serve as a perfect platform for the incredible vocal range of   Gab Sid .The guitar runs throughout are perfectly played and placed. The instrumentation is wonderful, utilizing several keyboards, as well as acoustic guitars, and I swear I heard a xylophone. The harmonies are exquisite, and the transitions and changes, flawless. The album touches on several genres, pop, folk, and even rhythm & blues, and each seems to have been written and recorded effortlessly. There are interesting riffs, amazing drumming and some cool bass lines. I hear electronics, cool guitar solos and unique vocal phrasings. Dynamite album, and a whack of fun to listen to.

xprime3Bob Segarini was right. Xprime should be big. They write incredibly melodic songs with amazing harmonies and unforgettable hooks. These are talented musicians who seem to be having fun with every note played. This is a must have album. Give it 4 or 5 listens. At least. Pay particular attention to “To See You Here“, a 70’s pop-folk tune that reminds me of Poco, “Feels Like I’m The Only One“, a way cool song with R & B overtones, and “Early To The Sun“.

Check out Xprime’s music, videos, upcoming gigs and where to get this album:  http://http://www.xprime.ca/






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