wolvesasfriends1I had arranged to meet Rodolfo Caceres, front man for Wolves As Friends at Stout’s Irish Pub, on Carlton St. Sitting there, waiting for him to arrive, I was unsure of what to expect. Hell, I wasn’t even certain if this Peruvian musician spoke English. He arrived looking very much the North American, and his English, dusted with an accent, was excellent. We talked. This wasn’t an interview, we just talked. We talked about the music scene in Lima, Peru, the fate of indie bands in his home country, and his new found love for Toronto. We discussed the music industry, his recent trip to Austin to attend SXSW, and his collaboration with Tim Palmer.

The 5 tracks on the Small Goodbyes ep have an acoustic sound, with incredible strings, albeit electronic. They are beautifully arranged, with wonderful instrumentation. The melodies are intoxicating, drawing you in by the heart and soul. Each song engages the listener, enveloping you with the passion of the composer. The songs are simple, using acoustic guitar and very little else. And then, there will be a flurry of wolvesasfriends3strings, piano, and cymbals that seem to come out of nowhere, and once heard, you realize it needed to be there. The vocals are exceptionally melancholic, dark and brooding, and at times, incredibly powerful. This guy, most importantly, can write songs.  Songs that are brilliantly melodic, with wonderful changes and bridges.

I had listened to the ep prior to our meeting, and then listened to it again when i got back to my office. I remembered Rodolfo telling me that he had thought of “quitting” the business, and just heading to the mountains with his guitar. He stated that he just needs to write and play. It is evident on Small Goodbyes. The 5 tracks are real, personal, and introspective. They speak of life, pain, and hope. There are elements of folk, pop, and rock.  Every song is exceptional. Pay particular attention to “Slip Away“, and “20 Years“.  Hell, the entire album is wonderfully moving. Not so bad having Wolves As Friends.

Wolves As Friends will be performing during Canada Music Week in Toronto on May 9/14 at The Marriott Hotel (downtown), and on May 10/14 at Free Times Cafe. The ep can be streamed and purchased on the band’s website. You can even get a free download!!






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