One year following the release of their debut album, ‘Chester‘, The Superlative, one of the coolest bands to come out of Ottawa, Canada, have done it again with ‘Numero Deux‘.

superlativeno3The 8 tracks show the band’s flair for incorporating different musical styles into their body of work. “Forget To Remember“, a punk-pop tune, opens with cool effects, and displays wonderful changes and acoustic guitar. “Life Is Good” offers great drum fills, a dynamite vocal track, and a way cool guitar solo, with effects. “Fallout” delivers a solid chorus, amazing guitar within a punky instrumental arrangement. “Keep It Here” with its blues feel, has a great bass riff to end the track. “JAMaca” offers up a rock song that shifts in and out of reggae. The powerful guitar, and cool use of effects, are an added bonus. “Glory” offers beautifully, subtle harmonies with some jazz elements. The guitar and vocals make this an interesting track, while “Dad Rock” displays a very sweet guitar riff and some exceptional drumming. “Homewrecker” contains a reggae beat with pop flavor. There are psych-rock guitar effects, and a dynamite rock solo over power chords. All of that, plus the great riffs, vocal track, and wonderful ending, make this my favorite track on the album.



superlativeno2Numero Deux is a wonderful treat. It is a change from ‘Chester‘: It is grittier, edgier, and it has bite. There is a wonderfully full sound, with layers of instrumentation that blend together in magical, musical mayhem. And once again, the album cover is way cool. Give this a few listens, as it gets better every time. And purchase a copy. An exceptionally thrilling adventure.





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