THE RED RAILS-A Living Fiction

Something is happening in Ottawa, besides the usual graft and deceit propagated by politicians and bureaucrats. The local music scene in Canada‘s capital just keep delivering music from some wonderfully talented bands.

theredrailsno3A Living Fiction“, the new album by Ottawa’s The Red Rails, is scheduled for release on Wolf Stomp Records in July, 2014. I have previewed the 10 track album, and was not disappointed. The album rocks from start to finish, beginning and ending with way cool reverb on “Prisoner” and “Fill My Hands“. I found wonderful ‘fuzz’  in “On The Line“, and a 1970’s melodic rock feel while listening to “In A Whisper“. There are great effects, and a western style guitar/tex-mex sentiment to “One In The Attack“, and beautiful acoustic guitar in “The Ocean“. “Lions” offers a way cool mini drum solo, and I dig the  funk bass line, and way cool guitar found in “Beast“. I heard great changes and transitions throughout, but I particularly enjoyed the changes in tempo and time signature evident in “Save Her Soul“.



theredrailsno2The Red Rails offer a classic rock sound immersed in blues.  A sort of Cream meets The Black Crowes. With a 21st century edge. I like it! This is not background music. This is an album you play in its entirety. In your car. While taking a 40 minute drive down a highway. Make sure it is a highway. You cannot drive slow while listening. A serious contender for Canadian Indie Album Of The Year.

Check out the 1st single off ‘A Living Fiction’:






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