RYAN FITZ-Thoughts And Reason

rf1It was quite a pleasant surprise to listen to ‘Thoughts & Reason‘,  by Ryan Fitz. I know him as the guitarist/vocalist of the Ottawa area band City Limits. This 4 track ep is quite a departure from the alternative punk sound of his band.

The November 2014 release is filled with wonderfully melodic guitar, often with electric riffs over the more subtle acoustic. There are great vocals, singing heartfelt lyrics, and nice harmonies. The vocal effects are nicely done, and the changes are dynamite. A sort of singer-songwriter side to Ryan Fitz, with personal songs that touch on universal themes, simply played, with guitar and vocals. Nothing else. This guy can write songs. A wonderful change, perfectly executed. I am liking this Ryan Fitz. http://ryanfitz.bandcamp.com/album/thoughts-and-reason-ep







2 Responses to “RYAN FITZ-Thoughts And Reason”

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  2. Joel Fitzpatrick Says:

    Totally agree the kid has got talent….not to mention that he is only 15 years old….what a bright future ahead for this young lad

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