by Joshmetal Figueroa


osiris2Chicago natives, Born of Osiris, are back with a fierce new album called, “Soul Sphere.” The deathcore vets (they went through 3 name changes since their inception in 2003) rip right into the first track, “The Other Half of Me” which doesn’t mess around with elaborate intros. Just a few seconds of ominous synth sounds and less than 30 seconds in they blast off into a heavy, yet technical sound.

While the deathcore genre isn’t for everyone, Born of Osiris is a good starting point for those who are interested in seeing what the genre has to offer. For those who are unaware of what, “Deathcore” is, I am here to tell you! Deathcore is a fusion of death metal and metalcore. Metalcore, has a heavy emphasis on breakdowns. Deathcore then uses death metal riffs, blast beats and growl vocals. Mix that all together and you have deathcore. As I have stated, it is not for everyone but if given a fair listen, you may find something you like in a band or two.

osirisBorn of Osiris have released five albums since 2007 and this might be their best work which speaks volumes. One track, “Illuminate” is definitely my favorite. It sounds like a death march into war with the snares and military like chants in the background. What else I like about Born of Osiris, is their use of clean vocals and growls. In “Illuminate” they’re used fantastically well, Ronnie Canizaro (vocals) and Joe Buras (synth, keyboard, and clean vocals) play off each other. You can hear the unity between the two.

I can’t stress how awesome “Soul Sphere” is for metal fans. People say that there is not any good music anymore. Born of Osiris is one of the few to prove that music is very much alive and well. Give them a listen. You will not be disappointed.





Joshmetal Figueroa, a Metal connoisseur, searches the galaxies, ferreting out the best Metal you may not have heard before. A New Jersey native, he left the button down world to travel through time and space, returning only long enough to share his discoveries.








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