counteracts32There are covers, and then there are The Counteracts doing covers. The latest ep from the Kent, U.K., band contains 4 cover versions of songs by Wings, Radiohead, The Kinks, and The Everly Brothers. After a couple of listens, I realized that the band was not merely covering the songs, but were, in fact, paying homage to them, and the artists who created them. All of the tracks are wonderfully done, staying true to the original, while making them completely Counteractual. The addition of ‘strings’ on The Everly’s “All I Have To Do Is Dream” is a wonderful enhancement. Never a Radiohead fan, the cover of ‘Creep‘ recorded here, is far preferable to the original, and this version of ‘Waterloo Sunset‘ (The Kinks), is exceptional. Well done! Fun for the whole family, and I suspect, the whole neighborhood. You can download the ep for free here. What are you waiting for?










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