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Jenny Cat-Another 1 of Her 9 Lives…

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jc2I first became familiar with Jenny Cat as the Top Cat in the New Jersey band Jenny & The Felines. Their album ‘Don’t Look Back‘ was wonderfully exciting. When I heard that Jenny had ventured into some solo side projects, I was excited as hell to hear the new tracks.

You Don’t Love Me Like You Used To‘ has a wonderful melody, and some veryjc1 cool vocal effects. There are great changes and transitions, and dynamite keyboards with sweet accents. Listen for the bridge. ‘Casual Cruelty‘ delivers a cool melody with a great chorus. The harmonies and changes are wonderful, and the guitar solo is perfect.

Both tracks deliver beautifully subtle keyboards, including organ and electric piano. The songs are uniquely cool, with melodies that are pure Cat Pop, accented with cool harmonies. And somewhere in there are shades of jazz, and rock.  You really need to check this out. Listen to her music at:  and check out her facebook page: