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alibi2My first impression of Comments and Concerns debut Double EP Alibi when I starting listening, was that is was fusion of traditional elements of western Canadiana pop wrapped in a warm fuzzy ethereal blanket of comfy sound that was soothing and stimulating.   It is always a good policy to never put all your stock in a first impression.  Half way through Alibi…..we take a sharp angular turn.

This isn’t just a collection of songs put together in one place, but a deliberate two part adventure sharing the bands musical journey.  The first half embodies that down home friendly feel good easy to listen to pop.  The second half is more edgy and musically complex in the arrangements.

alibi3“Sweater State Of Mind” is my favourite of the first half.  It is fun, upbeat and catchy.   I enjoy the use of the violin in this song as well as in”Damian”.  It adds that definitive classic prairie influence that stands out as the hallmark sound of Saskatoon‘s Comments and Concerns musical origins.”

alibiAs much as I found something endearing about each song in the first half of Alibi,  I was much more drawn to the more raw and daring style of the second half.   Alibi Pt 1, is a short introduction that snaps us out of the sunshine and clean crisp brightness into the shadier rough and raw Alibi Pt 2 which is a rich sound-scape of full bodied alternative rock with an aggressive in your face attitude.   “Cold Shiver Shake” has a real rhythm driven quality with a Tragically Hip feel.   “Miss Understanding”,  the most unique of the second half of this tour d’oppose.   The poetry blended with the sultry sulk that carries the song through a very unique use of percussion which seems to ebb and tide the song in and out of melancholy.  “Renegade”,  is my song choice off the entire Alibi offering.  Still strongly unique,  both the lyric and the musical energy maintain a strong passionate presence.   It has the lightest and most optimistic feel of the songs from the second half while still retaining the edge.   A satisfying denouement to this voyage of musical discovery.   Comments and Concerns demonstrate they have a solid foundation that firmly supports their vision quest to grow and experiment as musicians

Listen to and purchase Alibi.


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