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sondagI usually do not review hard rock or metal,  leaving that for my friend, Joshmetal Figueroa, who is, however, on hiatus, currently travelling the cosmos. So I will endeavour to share with you fans of hard rock, and metal,  a band you need to check out. With a 3 track ep released in February, 2016, Italian rockers, Sondag, released a pretty impressive product, filled with cool melodies, nice changes, and a solid rhythm section. There are sweet riffs, and a wonderfully full sound. A solid Ep to help you get your rock on! You need to give this a spin, Check it out on their bandcamp page, and, if you like it, you can download it for free!






















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atomic stuffA few months ago, I was contacted by Atomic Stuff, a hard rock/heavy metal music promotions company in Italy. Shortly after Christmas, I received several CDs in the mail. I had no idea that this  was going on in Italy!

I listened to”Wild Life“, a 9 track album from John Dallas, a guitar player whose real name is Luca Stanzani. The guitar centric, melodic metal sound offers john dallasslick riffs, and solos. The vocals and harmonies are wonderful, and the songs are well written. There are some nice solos, and cool production values. There is even a cool ballad. Favorite tracks: ‘Under Control‘, and ‘Freedom‘. If you like your rock hard and loud, this is 1 for you.

Red Morris, aka Maurizio Parisi released  “Lady Rose“, in 2015. A wonderful red morrisinsteumental progressive rock album, it offers sweet keyboards and exciting guitar.The melodies and musical themes wander in and out of the dynamite arrangements. There are cool changes and nice effects. One of those albums, that I never get tired of listening to. Favorite track: ‘My Life Blues‘, which delivers an amazingly wonderful rhythm section.


mud hornetWould You Like Something Fresh“, a release by Mad Hornet, contains 11 tracks of heavy rock, splattered with 1980s hair/glam rock sensibilities. The songs are well written, with nice changes and memorable hooks. The melodies and harmonies rock and there are some cool effects. The sound is reminiscent of something between Van Halen and Poison. Favorite tracks: ‘Dyin’ Love‘, and ‘Roses Under The Rain‘.


So, there you have it. 3 albums and artists out of Italy, being promoted by Atomic Stuff. You can check out their web site and facebook page, and the artists can be located at the sites below.. Happy listening!




















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by Joshmetal Figueroa


crystal lake2Straight out of Japan is Crystal Lake. While I have not heard of them until recently, they have been rocking hard in Japan for a few years now. Their latest release, “The Sign” is a tremendous album. And the lyrics are entirely in English too! I heard a sampler of their album on YouTube and had to buy the album immediately. Thankfully, GooglePlay and iTunes has the album available for purchase. I kid you not, this is a great album and I hope it brings them more fans from the U.S. The Tokyo natives seriously make me excited for new metal to hit the scene. I’ve been rocking out to this album all day. The track, “Prometheus” is one to listen to and it is their first video from the album as well! This is the kind of album that would make great workout music or working hard on the job. It gets you pumped and ready to take on the world.



crystal lake1I’m hoping these guys tour stateside in the near future. The energy that explodes off each track makes me think they have a highly energetic show. This is the same kind of excitement I felt when I first heard fellow Japanese natives, Babymetal. “The Sign” is an album which I will not skip any songs. It is that good.

I’m serious when I say, buy this album.




Joshmetal Figueroa, a Metal connoisseur, searches the galaxies, ferreting out the best Metal you may not have heard before. A New Jersey native, he left the button down world to travel through time and space, returning only long enough to share his discoveries.


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by Joshmetal Figueroa.


silentassassinsNew Jersey native and bassist for Symphony X, Mike LePond released a solo album under the title, “Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins.” Mike wrote both the music and lyrics to the album. He has several guest musicians on the album, including “Metal” Mike Chlasciak (Testament), lead guitarist Michael Romeo (SYMPHONY X) and vocalist Alan Tecchio (HADES, WATCHTOWER).

The album has 9 tracks and each one will make any metalhead remember why they fell in love with metal in the first place. Tecchio’s vocals are strong and you can hear he is in his element. The first track, “Apocalypse Rider” hits fast and doesn’t let up. The track is a hell of a way to start off an album. The listener knows they are in for a musical treat. Even the slower songs such as, “Masada” are powerful and silentassassins1do not have a hint of ever coming off soft. This is classic metal at its best without sounding dated. It is the type of album you listen to with headphones strapped on tight and lose yourself in a dangerous world. One can hear LePond’s influence in each song. One track, “Red Death” is obviously about the classic Edgar Allen Poe tale, “The Masque of the Red Death.” It fit the tone of the story and it sparked strong imagery in my mind as if I was witnessing the story first hand.



Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins” is a blistering journey through a dark landscape of madness. It is by far one of the better albums to have hit my eardrums in a long time. I hope to hear more solo work from Mike as you can tell he bares his soul onto this album.



Joshmetal Figueroa, a Metal connoisseur, searches the galaxies, ferreting out the best Metal you may not have heard before. A New Jersey native, he left the button down world to travel through time and space, returning only long enough to share his discoveries.