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MIRON -Lacrimosa

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miron2Toronto hard rockers, Miron,  released ‘Lacrimosa‘ in April 2015. The album, out on Melodic Revolution Records, contains 10 songs that are fueled with blistering guitars, driving rhythm tracks, and wonderfully melodic vocals. The album opens with some very cool choral vocals, reminiscent of progressive rock, and dives headlong into high octane rock. The riffs are amazing, woven through beautiful harmonies, dynamite changes, and way cool effects. Check out the effects on ‘Nightmare‘, and ‘If Heaven Had A Window‘, and the powerful vocals on ‘Sonnet‘.  Favorite tracks ‘Keeping My Hands Clean‘, and ‘Behind Enemy Lines‘, with its eastern influence.



mironThe songs are incredibly well crafted, with changes and transitions that make each  feel as though it could be its own concept album. A wonderfully enjoyable time. This is not just any rock, but a sound that lays somewhere between Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Van Halen, with a 21st century bite. This is MAYHEM rock.

You can stream & purchase the album at and check out their facebook page at















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bloodydiamonds2On the heels of their 2012 album “They’ve Got Secrets” and 2013’s 7″ single “Monsters“,  Halifax, Nova Scotia band Bloody Diamonds released their new single “Nightmare” earlier this month. With a funky, Pink Floyd bass line, the song floats within an alternative/melancholy rock vibe. There are way cool drums shots, some great guitar effects, and powerful, bluesy vocals. The melody, both calming and eerily exciting at the same time, perfectly counterbalances the heavy guitar riffs. A wonderful song that has left me wanting to hear more from this band. If you haven’t heard Bloody Diamonds yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out. You can check out all of their music at