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So, the boys from Orillia, Ontario spent 6 months, in 2 countries, writing and recording their new album, ‘Island‘. Released January 1, 2015, the 8 tracks are excitingly unique.

sw3Shagwagon continues to delve into electro-psych-pop with reckless abandon. “Dope” has an esoteric Pink Floyd thing going on, with wonderful voice overs. The melancholy “Chronic” has cool effects, and a haunting melody. “Psychedelic Jungle” offers electric piano, and some wonderfully synthesizer produced strings. The effects are way cool, giving the track an experimental feel. The wonderful pop melody of “No Beauty” is accentuated by a cool vocal track, and sweet harmonies. There are some great effects in “Cosmic Ocean“. I swear I heard sea birds. The changes rock, and the guitar is wonderful. “Islandsw2has a 1980s electro-pop flavor, with great synthesizer, and cool changes. The different musical themes are layered, giving the track incredible texture. Check out the ending! “The End Of Us” offers a beautiful melody, with wonderful harmonies. The acoustic guitar, augmented by background synthesizer and some way cool guitar licks, is surprisingly perfect. My favorite track, “Help Me Out” has a wonderous psych feel. More up tempo than the other tracks, the riff is great, and it comes complete with a way cool 60’s psych rock guitar solo. Incredible track.

sw5The songs are wonderfully written. Eclectic in nature, the music evokes emotion and defines moods. The band refers to this project as a product of isolation, and separation. In the melancholy, I feel the angst. Jack Finlayson and Jacob Thompson have stepped out there and have created something different, something original, and something that is their own. I am impressed with their desire to create what they love, and what they feel. This is refreshingly cool! Check it out, and get yourself a copy. A wonderful album that just never quits.









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Well, it’s already February and time for our top album picks of January.

BETRAYERSLet The Good Times Die

betrayers1This  fuzzed up, punked out, psych,60s garage band from Edmonton, Alberta band blew me away with their third release. The songs are short, yet poignant. The sound is full. The music seems to want to  go somewhere, but the vocals and the melody take it somewhere else. There is tremelo everywhere. This is not music for the masses. Betrayers create a unique world with their music, perhaps a world on a yet to be discovered planet. Let The Good Times Die is not for the focused. I refer to this as the ADHD sound: Its all over the place. Yet, it makes sense. And it works. It is different. It is weird. It is amazingly cool. A great album. A great listen. A wonderful experience. 


jm2This native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, rocks. It rocks Halifax and Jersey. Jon Mullane writes amazing songs with exceptional melodies. He has that cool, gravelly voice, and subtle approach to instrumentation. His passion for 1960’s pop and 1970’s garage create a near perfect hybrid  of garage-pop. And he looks the part. White t shirt, jeans, and a bit of a snarl that reminds me of early Springsteen. But Mullane is his own force to be reckoned with.  Three singles have already been lifted from the album“New American Girl”, “Body Rock”, and “Any Other Way”. A great writer, a great musician, a great album. One of the coolest albums I have had the good fortune to have listened to. Definitely one for your collection and your car.


The LondonOntario band, Redambergreen seems to have reinvented themselves. With the addition of new vocalist Sara Preston, the 2013 No City EP sees the band move to a heavier, gutsier sound.I had written ragabout their prior EP, and remarked that I had expected more. Well, here it is. There are definite elements of heavier rock, which the band embraces. The riffs are driving, yet subtle. The drumming is powerful.   The songs are well written and masterfully played. There is a fullness to the sound that I like. The production is dead on. Redambergreen nails it with this effort, providing a blend of power-pop, alternative rock, and hard rock. A wonderful album from talented musicians, who found their sound. Incredibly good.


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gf1Over a year after its release, I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the Gar Francis EP, Shine On forwarded to me by New Jersey indie label, Bongo Boy Records. With reckless abandon, and much anticipation, I sat back, strapped myself in, and turned up the volume.

The title track, “Shine On“, both rhythmic and haunting, contains elements of psychadelica and Jersey garage rock. Gar’s vocals, somewhere between Tom Waits and Bowie, are perfectly gritty and raw. The guitar riff is way cool, the lead solo is wonderfully 1960’s, and the hook, unforgettable. “1985“, a prototypical Asbury Park anthem, delivers more outstanding vocals and a way cool harmonica part. The melody rocks, and I swear I hear some Joe Strummer woven into the fabric of the music. There is perfectly placed guitar picking, and the song has a great 60s garage rock feel to it. With some of the coolest lyric I have heard in a very long time, “Was I off somewhere, or just too high? Did I miss the signs, hiding there in your eyes? Back in 1985?”, this song kills.  The rhythm and blues tune, “Blue Cadillac“, shines with a sound that at times reminds me of Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes. A wonderful track, complete with twangy guitars. The great guitar riff and harmonies of “Tragedy” drives this incredible song through the  wonderful Beatlesque chorus. The album closes with “I’m Still Alive“, a great rock song with a punk edge.

gf2Shine On never lets up. It rocks from start to finish, grabbing you by the throat with the very first note, and never letting go. The songs are exceptional.  Each one superbly crafted, and played with passion and grit. And why not? It’s what Gar does!  To nail the sound, Gar recruited the rhythm section of The Doughboys for this album.  How cool is that?

The work is filled with 1960’s references, smoothly blended into East Coast garage rock. There is cool, and there is Gar Francis cool. Shine On is Gar Francis, being Gar Francis. And that is cool. Way cool. Gar Francis cool.

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