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What We’re Listening To…

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There has been a wondrous wagon load of new music showing up at our office lately. This is what we are listening to.



Jane’s Party-‘Tunnel Vision’





Nev Coffee





The Whiffs-‘Take A Whiff’





Black Water Band UK










Clara Engel-‘Songs For Leonora Clarrington’








THE CORSETS-Monta Sanica

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thecorsets4Toronto blues-rockers, The Corsets, recently ( May 2016) released a 4 track ep, cleverly titled “Monta Sanica“. The songs are powerful, with catchy melodies, great changes, and wonderful harmonies. There are way cool riffs, nice keyboards, and some dynamite effects. The rhythm section is insanely good, and the vocals are exceptional. A wonderful time with the blues. Definitely something you need to check out 3 or 4 times right here. Favorite track: ‘Fire Burnin‘.











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Here’s what musicians are saying about I Can’t Believe My Earz’s Reviews:



“that’s a brilliant review. we’ve received a lot of positive press/reviews for this record, but you may have done the best job getting to the heart of it & summing it up. thank you for listening so closely!”——Keith Morris (Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers)

“you’ve no idea how big a smile you put on my face today. It’s such a pleasure to ‘meet’ someone who ‘gets it’!!! Thank you so much for your kind comments – you know us so well.” Michael Rafferty (The Minnows)

” That is brilliant, Thank you so much. We really appreciate all your support for us. Thanks again. You’re the best!”—-Simon Briscoe (The Counteracts)

“Thanks for your kind words!!! GREAT review!”—Erik Sitbon

“I am blown away by your kind words about our music. A really big thank you for giving it a listen and sharing your thoughts as well as introducing us to your readers. Awesome !”—-Stephen Speelman (Unified Past)

“Thats a great review. Thanks. Really appreciate all the effort you have gone to! Glad you like it.”—Alix Shepherd ( Peculiar Disco Moves)

” Fantastic! Thanks for that. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to it thoroughly too.”—Kim Vincent (The Red Rails)

“thank you very much for those amazingly kind words, I have shared it on the bands page.”—Colin Marshall (The Toniks)

” I’m blushing reading that!! Amazing Article!!! Thanks so much!!! Honestly I couldn’t have said it better if it were through our own hypothetical PR person”—Justin Shorey (The Creekside Strays)



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seapony1The Seattle based band, Seapony, recently released their latest album, ‘A Vision‘. A wonderfully cool mix of incredibly melodic acoustic and, exciting electric guitar tracks. The riffs rock, and the vocals are insanely great. The songs are well seapony2written, with terrific melodies, nice changes, and some dynamite production values, and effects. I have listened several times, and with each listen, well, it just gets better. Pay particular attention to ‘Couldn’t Be‘, ‘Go Nowhere‘, ‘In Heaven‘, and ‘A Vision‘.

A Vision is a wonderfully sane escape. A fun time with some way cool dream-surf-pop songs. This is music that soothes the soul and enlightens the spirit. Check it out here, and then order a few copies. . Definitely one for the collection.





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A Music Scene In Buffalo?                          

Alyeus-“Forty Days At Sea”                           

Alyeus– “And From The Sky We Fall”

Andrew Waite & The Firm –“Burning Through The Night”

Arms Of The Girl-“Versions Of Happiness”

Atomic Stuff

Aukland – “Rookie”

B And Not B -“Popular Pastimes”

Betrayers-“Let The Good Times Die”              

Bloody Diamonds–

Bombargo -“Back On Main”

Bongo Boy Records-The Singles                  

Bongo Boy TV-Indie Music From Around The World, Episode #1030-

Bongo Boy TV-Indie Music From Around The World-Episode #1031

Bongo Boy TV -Indie Music From Around The World-Episode#1032

Born Of Osiris -“Soul Sphere”

Brazilian Money

Bruce Tunkel

Burnouts –       The Burnouts EP

CMW 2015

CMW 2015 -Losing My Head With The Japanese Tongue Sisters   http://

CMW 2015 -The Beat Goes On

CMW 2015 –

Crab Bubbles-“Fool For Your Love”

Chris Pope –‘Dedicated Follower Of Fashion’

City And The Sea-“Action Figures”

Clara Engel – “Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss”

Clara Engel – “Songs For Leonora Carrington”


CrashDollz -“Punks In Amerika”

Crystal Lake -“The Sign” by Joshmetal Figueroa

David Clayton-Thomas -“Soul Ballads”

Druckfarben-“Second Sound”                 

Elliott Brood -“Days Into Years”   

Elsewhere Bound –  “A Part Of Something”

Erik Sitbon & The Ghost Band -“Taking Care Of Elvis”

Eternal Summers – “Gold & Stone”

Eurasianeyes–  “Call Your God”

Eurasianeyes-“Silent Cries”           

Farewell Stanleys -“Good Company”

Fractal Reverb -“How To Overcome The Ego Mind”

Fractal Reverb – “Songs To Overcome The Ego Mind”

Fruition – “Labor Of Love”

Gar Francis-“Shine On”                   

Gar Francis -“The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same”

Green Monkey Records-“Underground Seattle Rock”      

Harbour – “Grade School Summer”

Hazen Sage– “Thrive”

I See Angels – “Nausea”

Indie Christmas Music 2015

Innerspace-“The Village”

Ivory Hours –  “Morning Light”

Iwrestledabearonce– “Hail Mary”

Jane Allison –“Just Another Girl”

Jane’s Party-“Hot Noise” 

Jann Klose-“Mosaic”            

Japanese Tongue Sisters -‘Peacock”

Jenny And The Felines-“Don’t Look Back”

Jenny And The Felines-  “Don’t Judge Me”

Jenny Cat -Another 1 Of Her 9 Lives

Jerome And The Psychics– “Money is Violence”

Jinxbox -“Unmuttered”

Jon Mullane-“Shine”         

Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers – “The Dirty Gospel”

Kiss My Acid –“Individuality”


Lorraine Segato – “Invincible Decency”

Lucky Widmore -“Howling At The Moon”

Lucky Widmore-“Long Time Coming”

Marinol Nation-“Field Of Dreams”

Marinol Nation –hell’s ditch

Mark Lindsay-“Life Out Loud”     

Meeko Cheech -‘Miss Bolivia”

Messes And Miracles-“The Captain Surely Drowns”

Mean Creek– “Best Of Mean Creek”

Measured In Heads–   “Revelations From The Gifted”

Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins –

Miron -“Lacrimosa”

Mutant Bird – “Sugar Voodoo”

Nadine Shah -“Fast Food”

Neverfriend  –“Evolve”

Old Rules -“Blurred”

Olivia & The Creepy Crawlies -“Tongue Tied”

One Divided-“Good Reasons”

Ottawa-Capital Rocks

Paperwolf – “Been Five Years”

Peculiar Disco Moves-“The Domino Effect”

Peter Murray -On Druckfarben, And More 

Pink Lizards –

Propeller -“Fall Off The World”

Psych’d Out In The U.K. 

Punchline 13 – “Cut The Rope”

Redambergreen-“Through All The Days”

Redambergreen-“No City”       http://

Running From Daylight-  “Coffin For Two”

Ryan Fitz -“Thoughts & Reason”

Seapony  “A Vision”

Sedge –“Selective Reasoning”

Sedge –  “Psychochondriac”     

Shagwagon – “The Backbone Of The Night”


Sidewatcher -“Otra Vez”

Six To Eight Mathematics –“Mental Melodies”

So Hideous – “Laurestine”

Social Strife-

Social Strife-“LIVE STRIFE”

Social Strife -“With Friends Like These…”


Sons Of Revelry-“Born With A Bigga Goal”

Stan Simon & The Hotel Bible/JJ & The Pillars–


Surf Kitties                     

Swillbilly Heroes-“The Lamentable Tragedy Of The”…

Tess Parker-“Work All Day/Up All Night”

The 286 –

The After Hours-“Shaken, Not Stirred”    

The Auras -“Saturn Day”

The Beaches                                 

The Blank Tapes -Geodesic Dome Piece

The Comedy-“Deadlights”

The Counterfactuals –

The Contacts         

The Cool Whips -“Goodies”

The Cool Whips – “baddies”

The Corsets–  “Are You Lonely, Are You Scared’

The Counteracts – “Meet The Counteracts”

The Counteracts –“Under Cover”

The Counteracts- “Counter Punch”

The Counteracts- “The Curse Of The Counteracts

The Counterfactuals –

The Creekside Strays-“The Creekside Strays”

The Creekside Strays– “Blacklisted”

The Disguises – “The Disguises”

The Easy Outs -“Desolate Row”

The Easy Outs -“Hot Mess”

The Everywheres –“Dignity Fever”

The Everywheres -“Habitualism”

The Hot Sprockets -“Brother Nature”

The Jeffery Brothers Band – “Let’s Rock Let’s Roll”

The Lost Boys– “Answers On A Postcard”   

The Lost Boys- “Nose Bleeds”

The Micronite Filters- “Chasing Ghosts”

The Micronite Filters-“Wizard Blood”          http://

The Minnows-“Live At The Belfast Barge”

The Minnows – ‘The Sound Of Things To Come’

The Nursery– “Carnival Nature”     

The Nursery-  “Digital Ashes”

The Pygmies-“Inside Your Mind”

The Quiet Things–  “The Fall”

The Red Rails -“A Living Fiction”

The Red Rails-“The Red Rails”        

The Rotten Mangos

The Satisfactors– “Johnny Commando”

The Satisfactors-The Satisfactors

The Sleepovers

The Standstills-“Pushing Electric”

The Sole Pursuit          

The Superlative-“Chester”      

The Superlative -“Numero Deux”

The Toniks            

The Toniks-“Jealousy”

The Toniks-“Rise And Shine”

The Tracks–

The Turnback -“Are We There Yet?”

The Unswept -“The Unswept Today”

The Whiffs -“Take A Whiff”     http://

They’re Not Canadian, Are They?-by Frank Gutch

Toxic Melons“International Accident”

Toxic Melons-“Bus Therapy”

Tracer Flare– “Black Box”

Trio Of Madness -“Lost Time”

Tsinder Ash -“The Carbon Of Your Delight”

Unified Past -“Shifting The Equilibrium”

Vagabonds & Thieves –

Watershed Hour-“Bang With The Van Gogh

Watershed Hour -“From Your Best Friend”

We Can Be Heroes-“Where I Want To Be”

What We’re Listening To

Whisker Kiss –

Wolves As Friends-“Small Goodbyes”

XPRIME-“The Album”

Young Benjamins-“Less Argue”

Young Benjamins -“Losing Our Shadows”

Young Running-“Coming Home”


2016 -We’re So Excited

A Good Year, Indeed                      http://

Alex Pulec-“Out Of The Nursery”

And The Bands Play On     

Audio And VideoOur Picks: Autumn 2013

Bands That Never Were

Bongo Boy TV                        

Canada Music Week 2015– What To Hear

Get To Know The Easy Outs

Hired Guns“The Shape Of Things To Come”

I, The Jury Or Rather, The Judge     

Indie Album Of The Year-2013                

Indie Album Of The Year -2014

Indie Album Of The Year -2015

Indie Musicology-by Frank Gutch, Jr. 

Irish Ayes         

Lois Lilienstein -The Final Curtain On The Elephant Show

Lorraine Segato-from Artist In Residence To Wild Woman

Must Have Canadian Indie Albums -April 2014

Must Have Canadian Indie Albums-August 2013

Must Have Canadian Indie Albums-February 2014

Must Have Canadian Indie Albums-January 2014     http://

Must Have Canadian Indie Albums-June 2013

Must Have Canadian Indie Albums-July 2013

Must Have Canadian Indie Albums-March 2014

Must Have Canadian Indie Albums-November 2013

Must Have Canadian Indie Albums-October 2013

Must Have Canadian Indie Albums-September 2013

Must Have Indie Songs For Your Summer Playlist-July 2014

My World Goes Pop-

The Song Remains The Same      

The Wailers vs. The Sonics-Grudge Match In Garageville, 1966 (by Frank Gutch, Jr.)

Tour With The Toniks

When Heroes Go –

When The Music’s Over

Who Was First?

Women In Music-by Frank Gutch, Jr.–

They’re Not Canadian, Are They? by Frabk Gutch, Jr.





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