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by Joshmetal Figueroa


iwabo2There are not many adjectives to describe iwrestledabearonce (from this point on, will be shortened to iwabo). Some consider them metalcore, deathcore and even avant-garde metal or mathcore (mathcore are bands who use unusual time signatures). While I try not to generalize bands in genres as music is simply music. Some bands have to be categorized and iwabo is certainly one of them.

iwabo’s earlier albums were highly tongue in cheek with songs such as, “Tastes like Kevin Bacon” and “I’m Cold and There Are Wolves After Me.” While listening, it was seriously like they threw every musical influence at the wall to see what stuck. They are a band you either love or do not understand whatsoever. I have loved them from the start. I am especially optimistic with their new album, “Hail Mary.”



iwaboAfter original lead vocalist, Krysta Cameron, left in the middle of Warped Tour in 2012 because she was pregnant, iwabo brought in Courtney LaPlante. Both girls have vicious growls, banshee screams and heavenly vocals. It seems on, “Hail Mary” iwabo have a more “serious” sound and it showcases the band at its best. While the new shift in sound may come from Courtney’s vocals or maybe iwabo is growing up. You still hear the unusual guitar sounds and general iwabo insanity, yet “Hail Mary” seems to have a tighter sound than previous albums, they also showcase a more adult and dark tone. Even the song titles do not have the familiar the iwabo sense of humor, the first track is titled, “Gift of Death” which is my favorite track off the album. My other favorites are, “Green Eyes” and “Your God is Too Small” which has Courtney using some of her lovely clean vocals.

As I have stated, iwabo is a different type of band. You either love them or do not understand what is going on. They bring you on an insane audio trip and I love the ride.




Joshmetal Figueroa, a Metal connoisseur, searches the galaxies, ferreting out the best Metal you may not have heard before. A New Jersey native, he left the button down world to travel through time and space, returning only long enough to share his discoveries.